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Jakarta Private Archery Program and Price

Senayan Archery Field, Jakarta
Senayan Sport Complex via Gate 7

Play and Pay (Rp 100k/visit): To learn basic archery for 2 hours.

Monthly (Rp 350k/month):  4x a month, 1x per week

Reguler 3 months: Student Rp 800k, Public Rp 900k

Optional personal standard equipment Rp 250k
-Finger tab
– String
– Arm guard

Corporate program (Rp 200k/ orang)
Team building and focus to the target.
– Shooting short and long distance
– animal silhouette
– fish/animal point

School program
– Open house for max 50 students/group (Rp 1,5mio / 4 hours)
– Extracurricular activitiy for 3 months (call for details)

NO free trials during May 2013 – August 2013
New class will open in September

We also rent archery equipment for commercials, events, photography.

For more info:
Coach Danang +62856 877 1313

Binus High School Archery Program

From July – October 2009, Jakarta Private Archery is conducting an archery program for Binus High School at Simprug Jakarta. Here are some pictures of the event.





If you and/or your school would like to try archery, give us a call and we’ll be more than glad to assist you!

Jakarta Private Archery

Lapangan Panahan Senayan

+62856 877 1313

Jakarta Archery Newspaper Article

Hi Archers!

A few weeks ago Jakarta Archery was interviewed by Ms. Katrin Figge, a journalist for the Jakarta Globe Newspaper. Here’s the full scoop.

January 23, 2009

Jakarta Globe - Archers Target Greater Interest

In what discipline did Indonesia win its first ever Olympic medal? If you
guessed badminton, the national sport, you would be incorrect.

It was the women’s archery team that gave the country its first Olympic
medal — a silver — in 1988 at the Summer Olympics in Seoul.

More than 20 years later, few Indonesians think of the bow and its flying
arrows as sporting equipment, associating them more with Robin Hood and
medieval times, or Legolas in “The Lord of the Rings” movies.

But the fun, modern sport of archery can be learned and practiced in the
middle of Jakarta, on a field tucked away behind other facilities at the
Senayan Sports Complex in the city’s south.

Danang, an archery coach, spends almost all of his free time on the field.
When he talks about the sport, it sounds like an addiction.

“I love it too much,” he says. “I could never ever stop.”

Dante, a student of Danang’s, helps him promote the sport.

He first became interested in archery while holidaying in Bali a few years

“I was staying at a hotel where they offered many activities for guests,”
Dante said.

“I tried different things. When I tried archery, I was fascinated. I
didn’t do anything else for the rest of my holiday. And when I came back
to Jakarta, I immediately started looking for a place where I could

Eventually he found the Jakarta Private Archery Club in Senayan, a club
established by Danang, who has been involved with the sport since he was a

‘The most important thing is to relax and not take it too seriously’

Danang, archery coach

Recalling his very first lessons at the archery club, Dante said he had to

“I was really bad,” he admitted.

“Coach Danang even asked me why I wanted to do this. But I was too
ambitious to give up.”

Students are first taught the basics: how to hold the bow the right way,
how to bend it and how to release the arrow.

The target they shoot at is only 10 meters away.

There is even a correct technique for removing arrows from the target to
prevent damage.

“For starters, it is not so important that you hit the target — the most
important thing is your form, your movements,” Dante said.

“You have to be very patient if you want to learn archery.”

Patience is the key — for both the students and the coach.

Despite his years of experience, Danang has an unassuming coaching style.
He and his assistant repeatedly showed a little girl, who came to the
archery field with her entire family it seems, the right moves.

After shooting practice, Danang usually takes students through stretches
that are designed to reduce the tension in their bodies.

“There is no excellence in archery without great labor,” Maurice Thompson
wrote in 1879 in “The Witchery of Archery.”

While there is no denying that archery is a physically demanding sport,
the fun factor shouldn’t be overlooked.

“The most important thing is to relax and not take it too seriously,”
Danang said. “After all, you are here to have fun.”

Archery was used for hunting and as a weapon in ancient times. The English
were famous for their successful archers. But inevitably the bow as a
weapon of war was soon replaced with pistols and rifles, as they were more
accurate and reliable.

Archery became a popular sport instead.

Archery first appeared in the Olympics in 1900 in Paris, but was later
dropped because there was no fixed set of international rules. In 1972,
archery returned as an Olympic discipline, and now features in both the
summer and winter Olympics.

The club has both local and expatriate members — but not many of either.

“I think one of the reasons why people are not too interested in archery
is the fact that the equipment is rather expensive,” Dante said.

“The local bows and arrows aren’t such good quality, and the imported ones
cost more, of course.”

Nonetheless, Danang and Dante are intent on seeing archery take off in

“We are also trying to reach the younger generation now, we want to go
into high schools to promote archery,” Dante said. “Archery helps them
concentrate and focus.”

The club also offers in-house archery training for schools and companies —
both for groups and individuals.

“Anyone who wants to try archery can call us and make an appointment. We
would be happy to give them a free trial,” Dante said.

Jakarta – Indonesia Archery

If you are a local of Jakarta, Indonesia resident (or just simply visiting) and wish to try something unique and different this weekend, why don’t you try Archery? It’s a really fun sport both for men & women. It’s more than just a simple aim, pull & release, some key features are focus and stability; the most important thing is Patience! Located in Senayan, the heart of Jakarta “Jakarta Archery” is a club of Recurve Archery enthusiasts from different age & backgrounds, from your average beginners to the pros of the Indonesian archery team. Trained by the elite coaches of the Jakarta Province Archery Association, you will be sure to have access to the best training equipment and exercises their is to offer. Jakarta Archery also work with schools in providing Archery training.

If you have no archery know how whatsoever and wish to try, Jakarta Archery gives FREE (yes, no hidden charges) try out to ANYONE. No matter what your background is, don’t hesitate to try Archery.

Who can try archery?

Anyone, ages 10 and over.

Where is the archery field?

The archery field is in the Senayan Sports Complex, enter via gate 7; across the Taman Ria complex. 5 meters after receiving your car ticket, turn right.

What should I bring?

Just bring your sport shoes & a spare t-shirt. Archery equipment will be provided.

What kind of activities does Jakarta Archery perform?

Besides daily archery training in Senayan, JA also does in-house archery training for schools, companies, NGOs. JA has also assisted in a few marketing events & several TV advertising campaigns for different products.

I’ve done a free trial, whats next?

If you are interested in a regular archery training program, you may arrange an archery training session with our coaches. Most common is 2 times a week.

What is the training program?

You will be taught on how to handle a bow, aim, stabilize and shoot. The normal distance for beginners is 15m.

What is the price for an archery lesson?

Registration fee Rp 200,000 (arm guard, finger tab, string included)

3 months, once a week Rp 750,000
3 months, twice a week Rp 1,100,000

3 months, once a week Rp 700,000
3 months, twice a week Rp 900,000

For more details, please contact us at:

(021) 3088.1313 (Bahasa Indonesia)

(021) 99989.222 (English)

archers.jpg Visit from Budha Dharma Indonesia

rachman.jpg Rachman and Robby, senior members of Jakarta Archery Club

hendit.jpg Coach Hendit training Margareth and Aisha

pbs.jpg Coach Danang (left) conducts an archery open house at PBS Singapore School at Kemanggisan, Jakarta.

September 27, 2007 – Special guests from “ASET” Australian Int School Jakarta

aset.jpg aset2.jpg aset3.jpg

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